CME from our Star is expected to hit Earth on August 25, 26 – auroras and geomagnetic storms likely for the days to follow – not entirely clear how this will affect technological devices, but it will.

Gif made by Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO)

Here is NASA’s beautiful predictive animation of the same space weather event:

Some experts believe the CME will be diffuse and minor by the time it gets here, but most seem to agree that it will be a direct hit.

For now, the mood is “wait and see”.

The Royal Observatory of Belgium announces a direct hit on the 26th and arrival of solar wind as soon as tonight or tomorrow morning :

The arrival of the solar wind originating from the extension of
the northern polar coronal is expected at Earth this evening or tomorrow
morning. The geomagnetic conditions are for several days at the quiet to
unsettled level, and we expect they will stay so in the next 24 hours.

Whatever happens, I am getting ready to shoot. Performance anxiety to return to set runs high (and fomo) I am expecting some super unique light to be with us for the next few days.