Solar Tsunami and More Auroras Over Canada

Since the first time we posted on the issue, the Sun has been keeping on with beautiful performances and expressions of light, daily CME’s directed at us, solar wind entering Canada, blessing our northern territories with breathtaking sights. It feels as if our star is sending us a message. What could it be?

from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory

I’ve noticed that all my devices and batteries are losing power and discharging much faster, like ridiculously fast, even on airplane mode prompting me to reflect on how to revert to lower-tech (and less smart devices), or be less dependent on technology. In my quest for retro-vibes, I digged out my professional cameras of yesteryear, but even my Canon 7D had some weird battery issues. I also had an XboxOne go completely off the grid for half an hour. It was a preview of what it means when a console that you take for granted to connect you to hundreds of people around the world on a daily basis suddenly and without a warning turns from an xbox into just a box (whence its name) and pitilessly throws you into the present moment. Reality not augmented.

And in the meantime, Canada’s sky puts on a mega show.

Taken by @John David McKinnon on August 27, 2021 Foxholes Area, Northwest Territories, Canada

Exposure Time: 2/1
Aperture: f/2.8
ISO: 6400
Date Taken: 2021:08:27 05:05:02